freshness: a chef’s secret ingredient

You want your meats and vegetables to be fresh, right? Why should your herbs be any different? Go moonlight as a gardener right in your kitchen. Grow your own herbs. See how easy it is to enjoy freshness from January to December.

You’ve heard the phrase “farm to table,” right? This is kitchen window to kitchen table. Freshness should be your go-to—always. So dust off a few antique teacups from the back of the cabinet. Add a little dirt here, a little soil there. Plant a seed or two, and boom! Mini garden.

Growing your own herbs is the easier, greener way to go. Spice racks had a good run. But those plastic handheld vials imprison spices so they just flat out dry out. Why not go fresh? Put your green thumb and every other finger to work.

  • Parsley

    Growing indoors is easy. This popular mild flavor also garnishes any meal with green freshness.

    Give it a try with Sheet Pan Pork Dinner with Gremolata.

  • Rosemary

    Freshly clipped, this pungently sweet flavor stands up perfectly to pork. Just add water and maintain sunlight.

    Then give it a home with Garlic & Herb Crusted Rack of Pork.

  • Basil

    Sow seeds near a sunny window to keep spicy flavors close by for pesto sauces, soups, and marinades.

    It’s a must to enjoy with Thai St. Louis Style Spareribs.

  • Thyme

    Allow the soil to dry before watering again. Otherwise, growing this herb for stocks or sauces is a snap.

    It’s so worth it for Campfire Beans.

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