Kitchen Must Haves

please. step away from the microwave.

If you’re not using your kitchen properly, you’re simply wasting prime real estate. Worse, you’re missing out on culinary wows like pork roast or carnitas. Don’t be intimidated by your kitchen. Be excited. Home-cooked meals are fun, good for you, and loaded with yums. All you need is a place to start. Like here.

Beware of gizmos. Avoid gadgets. High-tech thingamabobs with the lasting power of New Year’s resolutions have no home in the kitchen. The basics will do. Because in the art of creating dishes—even complicated ones—simplicity wins.

No need to transform your kitchen into one giant Swiss army knife. These six essentials keep cooking nice and simple. So, what are you making today?

Six essentials you can count on: Keep a sharp knife (1) and an emulsifier (2) handy. Then use nesting mixing bowls (3) to move ingredients back and forth. Add a silicone spatula set (4) to your mix for flipping veggies and meat. Finally, a cast-iron Dutch oven (6) coupled with a meat thermometer (5) will ensure that you have the right amount of heat to create your meal.

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