Pork Days: National Eat Something on a Stick Day

national eat something on a stick day: March 28.

This is happening. And we should party it up and eat it up.

Surprise friends, family, and taste buds and serve up kabobs with more ka-boom. Rally them all around the dinner table for this combination celebration. Just don’t play it too safe. Try some new hero ingredients to mix, match, and munch on. It’s a whole vertical smorgasbord of fun ingredients now. Have at it!

The automatic go-to

Pork was made for kabobs. It’s good, healthy chunks of grilled and marinated fun with some meat on it. Pun intended.

Colorful intermissions

Green peppers, red peppers, yellow peppers, any peppers but ghost peppers. (Seriously.) The perfect colorful in-betweens with one crunchy kick.

A sweet surprise

Little unexpected, right? Fruit just makes kabobs more fun. Think along the lines of mangoes, watermelon, apple slices, papaya, and of course, our friend the plum.

Some surf to match the turf

Guilty as charged: we’re suckers for these little crustaceans.Can you blame us? Dip these in spices and sauces for some real big-time yum.

Ooey-gooey oooh yeah

One bite into this fried ball of fun reveals cheesy magic. Small prediction: we think this is what your kids will dive into first. Just a hunch.

Why stop with the main course?

Marshmallows are not just for roasting s’mores, friends. Singe these up a smidge for one very sweet ending to your delicious kabob story.

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