Pairings: Fruit

Produce juicy results from the produce section.

All hail fruit. Add pears, mangoes, apples, anything to pork and you hit the jackpot juiciness. Yum takes on whole new levels here, people.

Big shout out to apples and oranges. They’ve long been the go-to sidekicks to pork dishes.

Still, all of their success doesn’t give them full rights to hog pork (pun intended) all to themselves. Especially since juicier meats mesh well with juicier fruits. Like pears. Pineapple shows a rather intense side, but pork’s juiciness holds up well to it.

Bottom line: there’s an entire produce section out there

Upcoming dinners with pork should have up-and-coming fruits as ingredients. Skip the fruit cocktail cans and take pork into juiciness overload with fruit.

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