Pairings: Salt

salt. here to shake things up.

Hooray for salt. It curbs bitterness. It makes sweets sweeter. It makes sour sourer. It does everything in the kitchen but scrub the greasy buildup in slow cookers. But table salt, friends, is just the beginning. Surpass pepper’s tabletop sidekick, and dive deeper into these little grains of awesomeness.

  • grey sea

    Primary use: decorative. Distinctive seasoning harboring a moist, crumbly texture. Grey Sea salt melts easily into your pork dish, retaining its more marine-like flavor. Appealing to the eyes and taste buds when added to Pork Chops with Mint Pesto.

  • himalayan pink

    Primary use: decorative. Harvested from remote regions of Pakistan and India, this is Mother Earth’s purest salt. Larger, drier grains burst open with a mighty, salty flavor. Pretty in pink, for sure. Especially when splashed on Fennel and Rosemary Pork Roast.

  • fleur de sel

    Primary use: finishing. French for “flower of the sea,” this thin, brittle salt should be sprinkled just as the meal finds the dinner table. Culinary ninjas worldwide regard this caviar of salts as the best of the best. Debatable, to be sure—a worthy conversation to hold while enjoying this with Grilled Chops with Cherry Vinaigrette.

  • hawaiian black

    Primary use: decorative. A crispier, earthy flavor with all due credit coming from charcoal formed via the Pacific’s most famous archipelago. Abundant in activated carbon, this salt detoxifies and aids digestion—bonus. Pretty as it is potent sprinkled on top of Pork Roast with Leeks and Potatoes.

  • smoked maldon

    Primary use: flavor. Sophisticated is a fine descriptor for this rather complex salt. Subtle smokiness and oak collide with slightly sweet flavors. Harvested from beds along jolly ol’ England’s River Blackwater, it’s a powerful jolt of flavor that’ll make Grilled Pork and Melon Salad irresistible.

  • infused

    Primary use: flavor. Simplicity meets flexibility. Salt grains invite any and all flavors to the party. Think along the lines of lime zest, cayenne, citrus fruits, curry, garlic, espresso—anything your imagination can muster is doable. Infused salt plays game-changer the moment it connects with Skillet Taters.

Underestimating salt is such a no-no. Try these salts to turn any of these pork dishes into pure dinner bliss. Eat up!

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