Pairings: Wine

dry white or medium red? zesty or subtle?

Finding the best choice for your dinner plans starts here.

Wine is such a flexible beverage. Grapes become the springboard inviting you to splash into a deeper world of flavors, with oak, berries, pears, chocolate and on. And on. And on. With so many selections, it’s easy to see why wine takes the role of honored sidekick with your main courses and desserts.

Crisp. Tangy. Dry. Earthy. Light-bodied. Heavy-bodied. Any-bodied. The right wine is waiting on a rack just for you. Let’s go explore.

Sparkling wine goes well with foods that lean to the salty side, like mahi mahi tacos, fries, chili, or Thai Pork Pizza—all the good stuff.

Ahhh. This cool, refreshing wine is made for seafood, salads and sushi, as well as foods that don’t start with “s” like Grilled Chops with Cherry Vinaigrette.

Your tongue just became a wick. Extinguish any spicy food with these sweet, fruity flavors. Try it with Korean Spiced Pork Kebabs.

It’s an irresistible wine that plays nicely with creamy dishes. White pizza, lobster, soft cheeses, Milk Braised Pork Loin…okay, it plays a lot.

Enjoy it on a journey with richly flavored Moroccan, Indian or Mediterranean food. Try it with Grilled Chops with Green Curry and Fried Shallots.

Send back a postcard.

A sociable variety of wine that makes easy friends with poultry, mushrooms and nights on the patio. Try it with Pan Fried Chops with Mushrooms and Black Garlic.

Perfect with anything spicy, such as chili pepper, allspice, cumin and salsa dancing. Try it with Cumin Pork Chops with Salsa Verde.

This is no time to go wimpy. Bold wines need smoked meats, red meats, any meats, all meats, like Coffee & Chili Smoked St. Louis Spareribs.

Isn’t that kind of redundant? Oh, well. There’s cake.

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