Pink is Perfect

pink is all the rage

Forget everything Ma said. Serving pork pink is perfectly A-OK. So drop your fears and blood pressure levels. Not only is pink safe — it’s downright tasty!

Okay, first exhale. Our friends at the USDA inform us that 145°F (62.8°C) is the low point to go temp-wise when cooking pork. Even at 150°F (66°C), pink still surrounds the eye of this succulent pork hurricane. It starts getting testy around 160°F (71°C)—it’s fully cooked, but might be inching close to the border of “tough” territory. Turn the heat up to 170°F (76.7°C), and it’s a little more on the high side and a little less tender. Let’s avoid this. On a separate note, lean cuts should clock a good three minutes of rest before migrating to plates.

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