sometimes your eyes need to be appetized

Before millions of taste buds dig into dinner, your eyes get the first delicious bite. Gourmet chefs are aware of that and have a few secrets up their sleeves. They know plating is an art just as much as cooking. So turn your plate into a canvas and prepare a masterpiece that will almost look too good to eat. Almost.

  • the linear approach

    The name says it all. You simply plate the food across the center of the plate in a straight line, leaving the sides empty. Never underestimate the power of simplicity. This approach draws the eyes directly toward the meal. Can you blame them?

  • the parallel system

    Why have one line of delicious food when you can have two lines of delicious foods? Have two different types of foods and sauces running side by side like a double rainbow of color-splashed cuisine. The more, the merrier, we say.

  • the transversal technique

    X marks the spot. This more dynamic, yet off-center approach delivers more “wow” appeal. Family and guests will wonder if you ordered from some five-star restaurant. Let them wonder. It’ll be our little secret.

  • the radius method

    Pour sauces in arcs (or swooshes, if you prefer), and watch them swim across the plate with motion and fluidity. If your approach comes off as a bit blocky or stiff, add more arcs for more artistic touches. Nice job, Monet.