Playing with Food

Use your dinner table for something exciting. Dinner. It’s a dinner table, not a collect-junk-mail table.

TV trays. Fast food. Eating in the car. Whatever happened to sitting at the dinner table, sharing stories and savoring bites? The time’s come to make dinner fun again. And it all starts with food.

Once upon a time, dinner tables came alive when conversations were served as the main course and laughter became dessert. Then things went haywire. Distractions drew everyone away. As did busier schedules. TV trays became the norm, and the dinner table now collects junk mail instead of memories.

Let’s make dinnertime fun time again. Consider this your permission slip to play with your food. Go ahead. Why not? Put your creativity hat on over your chef’s hat, and bring ideas like the ones here. They’ll eat it up tonight. You’ll savor it forever.

  • Pajama party

    Dinner is the party and cozy fun is the theme! Go get on your favorite pajamas, head to the dinner table and start making family memories that last a lifetime.

    Make homemade party trays to serve these tasty recipes in a fort, on the couch or wherever you feel coziest. The bonus … the kids will already be ready for bed.

    Once a month or once a week, family fun and dinner are a hit. So bust out those comfy PJs and enjoy the fun with Chinese Five Spice Bao Buns.

  • Play with your food

    Are those cannonballs? Soccer balls? Or planets. Turn pork meatballs into planets by simply using their choice of sauce as the planets rings or stars!

    Plating your food in fun and creative ways can bring family fun back to the dinner table. So go ahead. Play with your food. Start with fun-filled Asian Meatballs.

  • Disappearing game

    Now you see it… now you don’t. Keep the kids guessing and it’s not just dinner that will disappear.

    While one person closes their eyes, everyone else takes one item off the table (spoon, napkin, salt shaker, etc). The player then opens their eyes and tries to guess what is missing.

    The winner of that game then has everyone else close their eyes and removes four items from the table at once. When everyone reopens their eyes, they must work together to guess what’s missing. And without a doubt, watch every bite of your Skillet Pork with Apples & Waffles disappear.

  • Kid’s choice

    Well, sort of. If we leave it up to our kids, candy and dessert will always be the main course. Make it their choice by having them pick what dinner is served IN.

    Eat soup out of your favorite breakfast cereal bowl, use a giant serving spoon or fork as a regular utensil. Pour their drinks in fancy glasses, raise a pinky to make it official.

    Don’t forget the napkins, paper or cloth, their choice! Giggles are guaranteed. In between bites of Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin, of course.

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