Pork. It’s what’s for lunch.

eat lunch like an adult

Intervention time. No adult should endure a soggy ham sandwich for lunch. Ever. Don’t get all down. Get vindicated with ways you can look forward to lunch.

Step away from the ham sandwich. It’s a sorry state of affairs to use our lunch hour to eat something so mundane. Let’s add a little love. Let’s add a little something-something. We’re here…to reclaim lunch.

  • Combo up a few grapes, cucumber slices, a few cubed cheese pieces (we’re suckers for a good dill Havarti), pretzels, and a good portion of that leftover pork tenderloin. A well-rounded meal. Take that, vending machine; you had a good run.

  • Bring pork cubes (from the leftover chops you had last night) together with egg halves, cherry tomatoes, feta crumbles, and almonds. Put it all on a bed of leafy green stuff. Add a choice dressing. We’re looking right at you, salad lovers.

  • It’s shredded pork time. Throw a batch on tortillas with chopped green onions, shredded colby, and your go-to BBQ sauce. Toast away until the cheese hits gooey levels.

  • Have any pulled pork left? Throw some in a bowl with your favorite beans (you know, chickpeas, black beans, lentils…), chopped red onion, diced tomato, cilantro, and lime juice. Now that’s a combo. Top with vinaigrette and just a little sour cream. Chill. Serve.

  • Replace American with a little Brie. And add thin slices of pears. And a slice of leftover tenderloin. Put ’em all between two slices of French bread (Oui! Oui!). Congrats. Relish the fact that you’re an adult eating like an adult.

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