Pork Days: National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day: April 12

This is a thing. And we should party it up and eat it up.

Cheese and bread. By itself, we can all agree, the sandwich is on the boring side. So let’s up the game and the dinner table attendance. Let’s rethink this all-American classic soup sidekick and pack it full of ingredients from the unexpected side.

The tasty bookends

Why go with just plain old wheat or white bread? Looking for that pop of sweet flavor? Go with banana bread. Or searching for that buttery taste? Try brioche. And if your really looking for strong flavor, slap on the kick of rye. Flavor starts and ends with the right bread.

The gooey go-to    

Cheese sandwiches need cheese, right? Do you want the Italian creaminess of mozzarella and asiago? Perhaps a nuttier cheese like gouda is the way to go. Mexican queso certainly spices things up. Cheese is everything here, so be sure to go with whatever creaminess tugs at you.

The wild cards

Mom always said veggies were good for you. You don’t know how good until you stuff them into a grilled cheese. Diced tomatoes give a burst of fruity flavor. Caramelized onion or pico de gallo give a bit of a savory bite. Crunchy potato slices or hash browns change the texture. Get creative here. Put your sandwich on flavor overload by filling it up with veggies.

The secret weapon

It doesn’t matter how you approach this creamy blast of flavor. Go cubed, sliced, blended, mashed, guacamole-ed, whatever… you’ll miss out if you don’t smash avocados into your grilled cheese masterpiece.

The protein packer

Never underestimate the salty shazam of pork. It’s the last missing piece to your grilled cheese puzzle. Stuff plenty of shredded pork into the sandwich, and you’ll be smiling all the way down to the last amazing bite.

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