sticks of stupendousness

Admit it. Kabobs aren’t the first thing that comes

to mind for dinner plans. But once you pore

over all these ideas, you and your family will

definitely think they should.

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  • Bring neighbors to your side of the fence.

    Getting to know someone better starts with a grill.

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  • comfort food
    outside your
    comfort zone

    warm the heart, soul, and taste buds — the exact reasons spoons were invented

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  • Tough luck, pepper.
    Spices own the spotlight today.

    Seasoning pork with Kevin Gillespie. Salts and acids are your go-tos for amplifying flavor.

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  • holiday in a shell

    International Day of the Taco: October 4

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  • What’s your pork persona?

    Pork is kind of the rock star of proteins, don’t you think? And, as with most rock stars, pork has groupies. The Minimalists, The Exhibitionists, and The Planners

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  • Pork, it’s what’s for lunch.

    Eat lunch like an adult.
    Intervention time. No adult should endure a soggy ham sandwich for lunch. Ever. Don’t get all down. Get vindicated with ways you can look forward to lunch.

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  • Let’s cherry-pick better fruits.

    Apples. Oranges. Safe choices for pork dishes. Now what if we added mangoes or pears? Yup, we’re salivating too.

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  • Bold here is clearly an understatement.

    Those sweet, innocent-looking little cloves can’t fool us. Raw, roasted, black or infused, these give serious bite to your pork apps and entrees. Just remember to bite back.

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  • Treat dinner plates like blank canvases.

    Why should taste buds have all the fun? Make meals appealing to the eyes too.

    Our plating techniques reveal the secrets of 5-star chefs, done in under 5 minutes.

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  • The most important step isn’t cooking. It’s resting.

    Resting pork with Kevin Gillespie. Patience is more than a virtue. It keeps pork crazy juicy.

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  • Enjoy a nice cup of tea and eat it, too.

    You can try to predict your future with used tea leaves or instead use them as a delicious pork rub.

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  • holiday gone gooey

    National Grilled Cheese Sandwich: April 12

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  • for juicier results, add salt, sugar, and patience

    Brining pork with Kevin Gillespie. Wet or dry brine, your delicious pork cut’s juices just got juicier.

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  • holiday on a stick

    National Eat Something on a Stick Day: March 28

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  • table salt had a good run

    We obviously love salt – we made the dinner table its home. But what if there’s something more? Something far away that’s truly out of this world? Explore on.

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  • cheese made to melt your heart

    Humboldt Fog®. Valdeón. Standards like cheddar and Swiss end up in the rear-view mirror once you embark on adventures with cheeses that give pork dishes zing.

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  • food + wine

    Your guide to greater dinners. Uncork the right pairing of wine and food for your get-togethers.

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  • Delicious pork apps. Gone as quick as you make them.

    Pulled pork showed up to dinner with a few friends. Like Monterey Jack. And root beer BBQ sauce. When you get them all together, they’re popular. Maybe too popular.

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  • Ingredients for all ages.

    Adults want adult meals. Kids want kid meals. No need for a standoff. With one set of ingredients, make and serve two meals and smiles at every chair at the dinner table.

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  • Pink pork gets the green light.

    Breathe easy, fellow chefs. The USDA has given the A-OK to pork revealing a pink side. So throw out your old misconceptions and cook pork your way.

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  • We’d like to introduce our friend, spatula.

    Mixing bowls. Emulsifier. Dutch oven. You’re in good company with basics like these. They’re the ingredients needed to help you embrace the art of cooking.

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  • A pinch of laughs,
    a dash of hugs.

    The dinner table’s an excellent place to bond with the kiddo’s. So is the kitchen itself. Grab aprons, everyone. The whole family’s pitching in to cook up family greatness.

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  • Your kitchen, disguised as a greenhouse.

    Grow a mini garden of basil, parsley, thyme and rosemary. Get dirt, soil, seeds and voila — fresh herbs to freshen up your meals all year long.

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  • Devouring: 1
    Resisting: 0

    How could anyone say no to such temptations? Pork candy? Beer and bacon pecan bars? Chocolate bacon truffles? Are you kidding?!? Too, too good.

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  • Playing with food.

    Use your dinner table for something exciting. Dinner.
    It’s a dinner table, not a collect-junk-mail table.

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  • Banh Mi:

    Few words needed

    Reading is not nearly as fun as eating. If you have an aversion to words, do we have something right up your alley: A visual demonstration.

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  • Destination delicious.


    There’s a big, beautiful world of flavor out there.

    Where do you want to take your taste buds tonight?

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