Pork Days: National Taco Day

international day of the taco: October 4.

This is for real. And we should party it up and eat it up.

Who doesn’t love tacos? It’s fun just saying “tacos.” But it’s even more fun to eat them—are we right? We know all the staples—lettuce, ground beef, salsa. Let’s now flip this fiesta on its head and do this taco truck-style. Gather friends. Gather fam. Gather everyone around the table for plates full of taco terrificness.

  • Boom. Now we’re talking. It’s an instant delight like our bold cousin, the buffalo wings. Toss this little bit of heat onto your traditional taco to get extra wows around the dinner table.

  • You’re busy, we get it. We also get how much the kiddos looooovvvvveeee pizza and pasta. So pour can of spaghetti sauce onto a tortilla, add pork and bam, taco magic.

  • Look at this lineup: lean pork loin roast, onion, jalapenos and chiles. Yowza. Now squirt some lime and orange juice and sprinkle on some Monterey Jack or pepper jack with cilantro. Can a taco have too much flavor? We think not.

  • We have this crazy dream: the sweet and saltiness of peanut butter with the salty, sweet flavor of pork. Hey, it worked for peanut butter and chocolate, right? It’ll work wonders for your table of tacos. Enjoy!

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