Pairings: Marinades

what’s your pork persona?

There are all kinds of pork enthusiasts out there. But for us, most of them fall into three categories: The Minimalist, The Exhibitionist, and The Planner. The easiest way to figure out which one you are is by answering a simple question: If you had to make a pork dish tonight, which of these would you choose: a marinade, a sauce, or a dip?

Marinades are the yin to the Planner’s yang. While marinades take a little time to plan and prepare (music to a Planner’s ears), the marinade does all the work. So you can sit back and plan out your sides, desserts, and post-meal cocktails while you’re waiting.

Bourbon & Brown Sugar Marinade: We dare you to find something bourbon doesn’t make better. Holds true for pork too. Nothing imparts pork with subtle, oaky notes quite like a genuine Kentucky bourbon marinade. Great for grilling and entertaining, bourbon and brown sugar marinades can make the best laid plans even better. On the difficulty scale, this one’s way to the left, and you get to swig between pouring and mixing.

Mustard Vinegar Marinade: Plan on lots of second servings with this MVP (Mustard/Vinegar/Pork) marinade. It’s quick and simple and tenderizes while adding some oomph to the flavor profile of your pork. Prep time on this is sub five minutes, give or take, and shouldn’t eat into your binge-watching schedule.

Pineapple Ginger Marinade: While the whole “pineapple on pizza” controversy rages on, there’s no question pineapple and pork were meant to be. Add ginger to the mix, and what you end up with is a sweet, fruity blend of unforgettable flavors that ensure you can plan on making this again and again. On the effort front, this one’s somewhere between watering the succulents and checking the mail.

  • Dips/Minimalist

    If marinades intimidate you, you might want to try the training wheels version of sauces: dips.

  • The Serial Poster

    Your training wheels are off, but you’re not quite ready to dive into sauces? You might be an Exhibitionist, a fully clothed foodie showoff of sorts.