Pairings: Sauces

what’s your pork persona?

There are all kinds of pork enthusiasts out there. But for us, most of them fall into three categories: The Minimalist, The Exhibitionist, and The Planner. The easiest way to figure out which one you are is by answering a simple question: If you had to make a pork dish tonight, which of these would you choose: a marinade, a sauce, or a dip?

The sauce is the domain of the Exhibitionist. Not THAT kind of exhibitionist—the kind who, along with loving their pork, loves to share it in person and all over social media. Sauces bring awesome complementary flavors to pork and make for great eye candy on social feeds.

Honey Garlic Sauce: If you’re not feeling it in terms of going all out, this is the sauce for you. It works well with chops and creates a sticky layer of incredibly tangy goodness. It also gives your chops a beautiful, photo-friendly bronze coating that will undoubtedly create a tsunami of likes and emoticons.  If this sauce were a ski run, we’d put it in the bunny slope category in terms of effort or skill required.

Root Beer BBQ Sauce: Root beer is not just for floats. It’s fantastic on pork and delivers sweet and aromatic notes. Make sure to wipe your hands vigorously before attempting to take a pic—your phone will thank you. Keep in mind, the hardest part of this sauce is probably going to be finding the root beer, and that really shouldn’t be too taxing.

Avocado Crema Sauce: Like pork tacos? Of course you do. Well, this sauce might inspire you to tap the 401(k) and get yourself a food truck. Or at the very least amp up your Mexican food cred among your friends and followers. Can you say mortar and pestle? Yes, it might be worth the investment for this one. It is another step, but soooooo worth it.

  • Dips/Minimalists

    If sauces feel like trigonometry to you, then you might consider dips. A flavorful introduction into low-risk, pork-flavor experimentation.

  • Marinades/Planner

    Not an Exhibitionist or a Minimalist? Then you, friend, are squarely in the Planner camp. More complexity awaits you, but that doesn’t necessarily mean difficulty.