Pork Prescriptions: Neighbors

neighbors don’t need
to be strangers

Creating better relationships sometimes starts by creating a meal.

Neighbors don’t need to be strangers. They could very well enjoy the same hobbies, interests, and values you cherish. You never know if your new best friend happens to live 50 footsteps away. What you do know is that you can take the first step in making it happen.

Preparing a meal for someone is an expression like no other. It’s a sentimental gift you make for someone you find interesting—and you’re interested to get to know even more. Sliders. Could anything be a more perfect bite-sized snack for the backyard cook?

Small, yes—but what a big impression you’ll make. Do you have larger portions in mind? Does anything say “Welcome, neighbor” like grilling up some backribs for your guests? We don’t think so.

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